Access Nephrology

A Commitment To Private Practice In Renal Medicine


Choosing to be Medicare or Private dialysis patient

Access Nephrology private dialysis unit offers the highest standard of dialysis managed directly by your Consultant.

Dialysis in the Public System offers a service managed by the system but supervised by Senior Doctors.

The basic difference is that you interact with one Consultant Physician in the Private Sector, but the multitude of doctors that are employed in the Public Sector.

Dialysis nursing staff are privately employed by the dialysis company provider at the Calvary John James Hospital Dialysis Unit, whereas these staff in the Public Sector are employed by the Department of Health.  Although they both have similar training, the governance and supervision i different.

Access Nephrology and the dialysis unit at Calvary John James Hospital, interacts with other Renal Units  around Australia and sometimes overseas.

Patients from from Access Nephrology may be admitted at The Canberra Hospital under Surgeons or other Canberra Hospital Physicians depending on their clinical condition.  Always notify your Access Nephrology Physician about your admission.