Access Nephrology

A Commitment To Private Practice In Renal Medicine


Fellow Renal Physicians

Access Nephrology has five physicians. Your doctor will be responsible for your care. If your doctor is away, other physician might be able to help you.

Please ask the reception staff if other physican could answer your query when your doctor is away.

If you are admitted to The Canberra Hospital, you will be admitted under the Renal Physician who is on-call at that time.

It is important that you ask the staff to phone your Physician at Access Nephrology so that the doctor is notified that you are admitted to The Canberra Hospital.

Other doctors that you will meet at The Canberra Hospital are Fellows in Renal Medicine, Advanced Trainee Registrars, Registrars, Residents

There are a number of “House Doctors” which make up the renal team. These are a cohesive and effective medical management group. They change frequently as they move through medical terms or to other hospitals.

Yuor Renal Physician at Access Nephrology will resume full medical care after you are discharged from The Canberra Hospital.  That is why it is important to make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you are discharged.

Access Nephrology Administrative Staff

You will meet with our friendly reception staff who will help you with the clinic administrative matters.

Transplant Co-ordinators

Access Nephrology patients interact with the Royal North Shore Hospital Transplant Co-ordinator.

All the tests prior to transplantation will be organised through Access Nephrology and sent up to the Royal North Shore Hospital Renal Unit.

This is of particular importance, as the Transplant Co-ordinators liaise widely with other hospitals, particularly in matters concerning transplantation and renal education.

You will meet other health professionals.