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A Commitment To Private Practice In Renal Medicine


The ideal, is for a patient never to reach dialysis, but be pre-emptively transplanted with a kidney from a relative or an altruist.

If a patient who is approaching dialysis has a kidney donor, that person needs to contact the Transplant Coordinator at The Canberra Hospital and indicate that they wish to donate a kidney to the patient.  The Transplant Co-ordinator (6244 3353) will arrange for the kidney donor to consult a Renal Physician, and undertake the necessary tests.

These tests are comprehensive and are designed to ensuret the kidney donor will not adversely suffer health issues after donating a kidney.  Usually the donor will be left with 75% of the original renal function.

Government support for live kidney donation

There is now a Federal Government scheme to help fund leave for a relative or altruistic kidney donor.

There are criteria and rules and the information can be accessed from the link above.

This is a major philosophical step from the Government and is the beginning of a process to realistically support financially live kidney donation.